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ARC delivers the tools, knowledge, and support needed to make websites and web applications accessible.

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TPGi launches JAWS Connect, a first-of-its-kind tool for collecting assistive technology user feedback. Read the press release.

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Why do so many companies choose ARC?

One Full Service Platform

The ARC Platform combines world-class accessibility testing, an extensive solutions library, and access to accessibility experts under an affordable and easy to use solution that scales to meet the needs of any size of organization.

The Best Insights

ARC Monitoring is more than a scanning solution; it organizes accessibility data into actionable insights for your Domains, Pages, User Flows, and Components. These insights are available through trend monitoring dashboards and can easily be integrated into CI/CD pipelines using the ARC API.

The Best Content
KnowledgeBase, Tutor

Knowing how to solve your accessibility issues is just as important as being able to detect them. ARC offers a comprehensive library of knowledgebase articles and training courses that are deeply integrated into our dashboards.

The Best Support Network

Some accessibility issues are more complex than others. ARC is backed by the world's most experienced accessibility experts who are available on-demand when you seek answers and advice for your toughest accessibility problems. ARC offers HelpDesk plans to meet your budget and needs.

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Convenient Cloud Architecture

The benefits of the ARC Cloud Service architecture are clear:


Start small but know you will not outgrow ARC, which is used by small businesses and large enterprises alike. ARC is engineered to provide value at all stages, whether you have a single domain or hundreds of properties.


ARC includes policies, controls, procedures, and technologies to provide secure options for clients with strict security and data privacy requirements.


Complete control over what you test and when. Only pay for what you use. Use scheduled testing for consistent measurement or on-demand testing for flexibility and control. Add and remove properties and set frequency as needed.

Core Capabilities

Everything you need to successfully manage your accessibility program:


ARC Analytics is a robust accessibility testing automation service. It is used for scheduled and on-demand testing of your product domains, user flows, pages, and components.


Organize documents, assets, manual and automated testing results in a single location that makes storing, finding, and sharing critical information fast and easy.


Accessibility can be challenging in complex environments. Increase your knowledge exponentially by tapping our experts for quick, personalized solutions when needed.

Tap into the TPGi Knowledge Pipeline

Over 60 accessibility experts generating accessibility articles, guides, templates and solutions each and every day.


Highly-trusted and reliable resources for accessibility techniques maintained by our team of expert engineers. Everything you need to solve accessibility challenges.


Dependable, structured training materials to educate teams about accessibility. Role-based training modules available for developers, designers, and accessibility managers to ensure success across your organization.

ARC Platform Companion Products

TPGi provides additional tools in support of local design, development, and remediation tasks.

ARC Toolkit

A professional-level Chrome extension for testing individual pages on-demand. Quickly identify and resolve issues related to WCAG 2.1 Level A and AA guidelines.

ARC Capture

A multi-browser extension for in-depth analysis of your most critical user flows. The tool is fully integrated into ARC and supports manual and automated evaluation.

JAWS Inspect

Without the distraction of speech or the complex feature set of the end-user product, JAWS Inspect uses transcripts of JAWS output to help quickly diagnose issues and share them easily across quality control and compliance systems. A Windows desktop solution.

JAWS Connect

JAWS Connect is a simple no-code solution for websites and applications that provides JAWS screen reader users the ability to easily and quickly provide direct feedback at the point where they face barriers so organizations can swiftly resolve those challenges.

The ARC Platform is an API-first Technology

Built from the ground up with integrations, extendibility, and high-performance in mind. Accessibility does not exist in a silo, why should your management platform?


The Rest API provides real-time testing of webpages using the ARC Analytics engine and on-demand access to historic accessibility test results. Implement policy-driven test initiatives by combining monitoring dashboards with on-demand API testing in your development environments.

Node SDK

The ARC Node SDK allows you to perform local accessibility testing in your CI/CD Platform without having to call a RESTful API. The ARC Node SKD uses the ARC rules engine and all ARC Analytics services and is accessed through a simple evaluate function.

Our Pricing Plans

Fast, easy, and free to get started. Robust, capable, and scalable as you need. Have questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to talk.

Free Tier

1 User $0/month
  • includes: Administrative Console
  • includes: Free Monthly scans (5 pages per domain)
  • includes: Accessibility Monitoring at 5¢ per call (with Service Plan)
  • includes: ARC API at 5¢ per call (with Service Plan)
  • includes: Workspaces with Dashboards
  • includes: Integrated KnowledgeBase
  • includes: JAWS Connect (Available with Domain Monitoring)
  • does not include:Unlimited KnowledgeBase modules
  • does not include:Unlimited Tutor Modules
  • does not include:Multi-User Support

Essentials Tier

Multi-User $29per seat/month
Most Popular
  • includes: Administrative Console
  • includes: Free Monthly scans (5 pages per domain)
  • includes: Accessibility Monitoring at 5¢ per call (with Service Plan)
  • includes: ARC API at 5¢ per call (with Service Plan)
  • includes: Workspaces with Dashboards
  • includes: Integrated KnowledgeBase
  • includes: JAWS Connect (Available with Domain Monitoring)
  • includes: Unlimited KnowledgeBase modules
  • includes: Unlimited Tutor Modules
  • includes: Multi-User Support

Enterprise Tier

Multi-User $59per seat/month
(annual contract with min. seats required)

Everything in Essentials, plus:

  • includes: Configurable Rulesets
  • includes: Zapier Integrations
  • includes: Account Linking
  • includes: Enterprise Reporting
  • includes: Flexible Payment Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to contact our support center at arcsupport@tpgi.com.

You can create a free account without any contracts and only pay for the usage you need. Stop at any time without any additional fees.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Once the subscription is canceled, you will not be charged the following month. You will continue to have access to your account until your current subscription expires.

Our powerful User Flow capability enables you to scan interactive applications by leveraging recorded Selenium scripts. Test a full page or a single component on a page.

ARC supports most kinds of single-factor authentication including form-based, session state URLs, and scripted multi-step interactions. ARC does not support two-factor authentication.

For simple, form-based authentication, the login settings are added to the configuration of the domain and will run each time a scan is scheduled. For more complex authentication, a selenium script is recorded and added to the domain configuration. The ARC team can perform these tasks during on-boarding or as needed for an extra fee. Likewise, customers can add their own settings and scripts.