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TPG Interactive, LLC(opens in new window) works with organizations around the world, including government agencies, technology vendors, and companies in a variety of industries including retail/eCommerce, software/technology, publishing, banking/finance, healthcare, and higher education. Our services continuum allows us to provide targeted expertise on specific projects or to engage as a strategic partner on long-term engagements. We believe that with our partners and customers, we can collectively create a global impact on advancing accessibility.


TPGi developed ARC in response to the needs of enterprise clients trying to make their websites accessible to people with disabilities. Though the technical requirements for accessibility are reasonably easy to understand, the complex nature of enterprise scale operations makes implementation particularly challenging. This is especially true when an enterprise is first adopting best practices for digital inclusion. Inevitably, the enterprise finds itself struggling with a common set of questions and problems:

  • What does accessibility mean and how is conformance measured?
  • Where and how do our digital products fail to meet conformance requirements today?
  • What does a viable accessibility policy look like for our enterprise considering all our brands, technology stacks and integrated vendor solutions?
  • How do we organize our teams around digital inclusion and what are the key assets we need to develop?
  • How do we track, measure and communicate our progress as we embrace digital inclusion in our future innovations?
  • Finally, how do we develop stronger community engagement to ensure we are actively aware of the needs of an inclusive user community?

ARC provides the tools, content and instrumentation needed for enterprise scale digital inclusion initiatives.